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"I reached out to Chelsea after a particularly rough night of no sleep with my then 7 month old. She usually slept ok at night, but only after waking and crying several times in the first hour or two of putting her down for bed. We also were failing to get her on a regular nap schedule during the day. We met with Chelsea and she developed a plan for us. We followed the plan closely for the bed time routine, but nap time was a little harder because she was in different environments for naps during the week. Chelsea checked in and followed up with me several times by phone over the next few weeks and then by email after that. 


Two weeks into training, our little one got sick, which altered the training for that week, but as soon as she was feeling better, she was back to falling asleep on her own with little to no fussing. Now she’s sleeping well, only waking once a night a few times a week and even sleeping through the night a few times a week. She has also gotten into a regular nap routine where she’ll nap an average of 90 minutes twice a day and rarely fusses or cries when laid down for her naps. 


So we highly recommend Chelsea to help you and your little one get better sleep!"

-Linsday, Mom to 7-Month-Old Girl 

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