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Why I Became A Sleep Consultant

Since I began my business as a sleep consultant, I have had several people ask me why I chose to start this new endeavor. My answer, at its core, is a simple one: I have chosen to be a sleep consultant to help, support, and encourage families.

As a mom myself I know, firsthand, the struggles and doubts that creep in on the daily, from Day 1 until F O R E V E R...

Is he eating enough? Should I use cloth diapers? Is he getting enough tummy time? Should I nurse on demand? Set a schedule? Do I do purees? Make my own? Baby led feeding?

This battery of questions seems endless and, let's be honest, is exhausting. At the core, what we are really asking ourselves is, "Am I doing a good job?" And as far as I can see, the decisions that we have to make as moms and dads only become more complex and come with greater consequences. Woof.

For first-time moms and dads, it takes a little time to really feel comfortable in making those classic parenting decisions, especially when you understand the weight that comes with each one. In those early days, before my husband and I began to figure out just who we are as parents, some extra support (of the professional variety) might have been nice - especially when it came to sleep.

When our son was first born and we brought him home from the hospital I remember saying to my husband, "I just don't want to mess him up."

(Ok, so I think this was the second thing I said to my husband after, "Well, we're home. Now what?")

Well, the very gentle and calming reassurance that my hubby gave me that day didn't seem to last long because as questions and unknowns began to arise over the next days, weeks, and months, my cry soon went from "I don't want to mess him up," to "I am messing him up! What am I doing wrong?!" Usually, in the middle of the night through some of my son's tears (and many of my own), I second guessed anything and everything that I thought I was doing "right." I read and searched and Googled.. and read and searched and Googled... looking for validation, support, and ultimately, some confidence.

Almost a year and a half later, when the opportunity came along for me to start a career as a sleep consultant, I saw it as a great chance to provide these very intangible, but essential gifts to other moms and dads who may be in the midst of their own moments of doubt. I want to be the person to tell you that you're doing ok, you're not going to mess your kid up (I mean, at least not until they're teenagers), and together we are going to problem solve to get your kiddo the sleep they need, so you can get the much needed rest that you deserve. There are enough unknowns in the world of parenting - raising successful sleepers doesn't have to be.

Sleep sweet!


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